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When fall comes around, it’s time for fertilizing. Why? Because fertilizing in the fall will strengthen your plants and lawn’s roots, and allow them to grow and thrive in the Spring. Fertilizing gives your plants and flowers the nourishment they need! And AAA Trees On The Move is your answer to proper fertilizing!

Fall is also the best time for fertilizing.

AAA Trees On The Move applies the appropriate fertilizing formula to your plants and trees:

• Fertilizer Formula Numbers - It’s important to know that the first number denotes nitrogen, which promotes lawn blade and foliage growth; the second number is phosphorous content for root growth, and the third stands for potassium, which promotes cell function in plants and trees.

• Trees and Shrubs - Most trees and shrubs need fertilizing because they are usually located near mulch beds, which uses up their nitrogen as they decompose. Also, leaves raked from those beds deprive plants of the added nutrients they would get from the leaves.

• Perennials - In fall, perennials are starting to fade, but they would benefit from a dose of phosphorus fertilizing. Next spring, you will have stronger plants with more and livelier flowers.

Proper fertilizing requires solid knowledge and experience in order to obtain the best results. AAA Trees On The Move has years of experience with successfully fertilizing plants and trees, lawns and flowers. We will evaluate your plants or trees that need fertilizing and we will determine the right formula for best results!

We will discuss our proposed fertilizing treatment plan with you and we will inform you of the costs involved. By fertilizing your lawn, flowers and trees in the fall, you will stimulate root growth before winter comes, and you will ensure that the plants will turn green quicker in the spring and become more resistant to draught and disease.

Autumn is definitely the best time of year to nourish your yard and your trees. You can start in September, but fertilizing in October and November is critical to the proper nourishment of your flowers and trees. At AAA Trees On The Move, we remind our customers that a last fertilizing treatment before the winter sets in can make all the difference next spring!

Call AAA Trees On The Move today to schedule the best fertilizing treatment for your trees and plants in Billings, MT this year!

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